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CollectureStandard Service

The collectureStandard service includes free delivery of our boxes to you as well as free collection. This service is ideal for recycling your non-sensitive items including printer cartridges, cables and other electronic waste such as fax machines and telephones.

It is also ideal for companies that wish to delete data themselves from items such as mobile phones, hard drives and laptops before recycling with us.

Please note: We do not offer secure data erasure with the CollectureStandard service. Please see our CollectureSafe Box

CollectureStandard Big Box CollectureStandard Big Box
CollectureStandard Box: for smaller quantities. CollectureStandard Big Box: for centralised collection points or large quantities.
Dimensions: 80x60x40 cm – for around 20 to 40 laser toner cartridges. Dimensions: 120x80x110 cm - for around 100 -200 laser toner cartridges (delivered flat packed without a pallet base).