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Data Security

Electronic devices that store data, such as laptops, mobile phones and PCs, can contain large quantities of personal and company data. For a lot of companies it is vital to protect and securely delete this data before disposing of or recycling items.

With today’s rapidly advancing technology we are acutely aware that for some businesses data security is of the highest importance. We can offer you the reassurance that your items such as mobile phones, Hard Disc Drives etc will be dealt with in the most secure manner possible. We take data security extremely seriously; our reputation is reliant on it so we offer the most secure service available. We use the data wiping service provided by FutureDial, the global leader in data erasure, which guarantees 100% data sanitisation. Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

When the highest level of data security is required we can perform data sanitisation on site, so your items are securely wiped even before they leave your premises.

An information sheet giving suggested methods of packaging is also available on request.

Our Data Wiping service is available exclusively with our CollectureSafe Box service The CollectureSafe Box service is an all-in-one solution offering secure data deletion as well as safe recycling of the items included.