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The list of office electronic waste that you can recycle with Collecture is extensive. We can recycle items such as empty printer cartridges, mobile phones, cables, circuit boards, hard drives and other office electronic waste.

See the full list of items you can recycle with us

Please ensure that when filling your Collecture box the packaging is sufficient for the goods to arrive at our warehouse in an undamaged condition. In the interests of the environment, we encourage you to re-use old packaging materials to fill up any gaps in the Collecture boxes. Used printer cartridges should be removed from their original packaging to save space.

An information sheet giving suggested methods of packaging is also available on request.

If secure data deletion is important to your company then take a look at our CollectureSafe service.

CollectureSafe Service

Please note: When disposing of storage devices that contain data, using our CollectureStandard Service we are not liable for loss of data. Devices and equipment containing secure data can be placed in our secure collectureSafe Box.