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The Collecture Collection Programme

The Collecture Programme provides your company with a simple and secure service to recycle your office electronic waste. We have created a variety of collection services, tailored to meet your company’s individual requirements.

We offer a brand new and unique opportunity in the UK whereby we pay you competitive prices for the items of value and charge a small fee per kilo for waste items. These charges will be offset against your rebate, giving your company the opportunity to lower your electronic waste disposal costs.

Whichever Collecture service you choose, we provide you with detailed reporting on the quantity, weight and type of waste collected.

Collecture is part of the world’s largest collector of printer cartridges, mobile phones, PDAs and small electronics. As such you can be confident that the recycling of your items is managed in a secure and responsible manner.

If data security is of high importance to your company, our CollectureSafe service provides a 100% guarantee that all data is securely deleted.

Learn more about our collectureSafe service

We offer a free, secure logistics service to collect the boxes you have filled with your office electronic waste. Once the boxes arrive back here, each item is sorted, graded and recorded electronically. We then send you a statement showing the rebate values and charges. Our prices are extremely competitive and you have the peace of mind that everything we collect from you is responsibly recycled or reused.

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4. When your box is full, book a free collection.