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Mobile Phones and Smartphones

In today’s fast paced mobile phone market, the turnover of handsets is rapidly increasing. We are able to buy back your company’s old mobile phones generating money for your company to invest into purchasing the next generation of smartphone.

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Do you need secure data removal from your mobile phones?

We provide secure data deletion for all mobile phones as part of our CollectureSafe Box service. Each CollectureSafe Box is delivered to you with a combination padlock and security seal, we can also provide individual foam pouches for your devices.

We take your data security extremely seriously; we use the data wiping service provided by FutureDial, the global leader in data erasure, which guarantees 100% data sanitisation. Once erased, the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.

Have a look at our CollectureSafe Box service

If your mobile phones don’t contain confidential data or if you have already removed the data you can include these phones in the CollectureStandard Box. All types of mobile phone can be included in our CollectureStandard Box from the latest smartphone to the oldest model from the 1990’s.