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Terms and Conditions

  • 1. Collections

    We will arrange for the collection of full Collecture Boxes free of charge. This is subject to the consignment meeting our minimum quantity specification (detailed in point 4).

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the goods are available to our carriers on the date we agree with you. The cost of any failed attempts to collect the consignment on the agreed date will be deducted from our payment to you. We advise that you obtain evidence of collection, such as the signature of the carrier, and provide this to us upon request.

    Queries regarding a consignment can only be investigated within 1 month of the collection date.

  • 2. Packaging

    You are responsible for ensuring packaging is sufficient for the goods to arrive at our warehouse in an undamaged condition. In the interests of the environment, we encourage you to re-use old packaging materials to fill up any gaps in the Collecture Boxes. Multiple Collecture Boxes can be placed on a pallet, all pallets must be shrink-wrapped. Please inform us if using pallets.

    An information sheet giving suggested methods of packaging is available on request.

    Please ensure the weight of each Collecture Box does not exceed 25 kgs. This does not apply to the CollectureSafe Box or pallets. If the weight of your Collecture box exceeds 25kgs then please contact us for additional Collecture Boxes and transfer some items to this new Collecture Box. If a Collecture Box exceeds 25kgs the carrier may refuse to collect the box which may result in a non-collection charge of £10.95 for each attempted collection.

    Each Collecture Box/pallet must be clearly labelled with the unique tracking reference provided to you when a collection is arranged. This tracking number is the means by which we identify the supplier of the consignment. Our carriers can sometimes split consignments and any boxes received without our tracking reference will not be paid for.

    If you have a packing list, please attach a copy to the outside of the consignment in an envelope marked ‛Documents Enclosed’, as well as emailing a copy to us. We are unable to investigate discrepancies if you have not sent a packing list to us.

  • 3. Collection Boxes

    Collecture Boxes and Collecture Pallet Boxes are supplied free of charge, however they remain the property of the Company. If at least 90% of the boxes supplied to you are not received back then we reserve the right to charge a non-return of £5 per CollectureStandard Box and £10 per CollectureStandard pallet box.

    CollectureSafe Boxes are supplied free of charge, however they remain the property of the Company. It is important to document receipt and collection of the CollectureSafe boxes carefully. In the case of a lost or damaged CollectureSafe box please inform us immediately.

    We will apply a deposit of up to £200 for each CollectureSafe Box supplied to you. This deposit will become payable by you in the event of loss or damage to the CollectureSafe Box. If no collection is booked within 4 weeks of delivering a CollectureSafe Box to you, this deposit will become non-refundable.

    Minimum quantities We reserve the right to apply a freight charge if we deem the box to be too empty to qualify for a free collection.

    Mainland UK–Boxes A minimum of 15 units of commercial value must be returned, unless otherwise agreed with us. We will usually request that quantities of 80+ toner cartridges are palletised.

    Mainland UK–Pallets Each pallet must contain at least 80 units of commercial value.

    International and Offshore UK–Pallets only Each pallet must contain at least 140 units of commercial value. These are units that are listed on the current price list, which is available upon request. Payment will not be made if fewer than the minimum quantity of undamaged cartridges is received.

  • 4. Payment

    All our prices are in £s and exclusive of VAT. Our price lists are updated monthly in order to remain highly competitive. To access the latest price list please visit

    Payment terms are net monthly (end of month following month of invoice) unless otherwise agreed.

    In the event of loss of goods in transit, payment will only be issued if a packing list was sent to us at the time the collection was arranged. Discrepancies can only be investigated if a packing list is included with the consignment.

    The minimum value at which we issue payment is £20. Where the gross value of goods on a collection is less than this amount, the statement will be held until the cumulative value of outstanding collections reaches £20 (or annually, in the event that no further collections are arranged).

    Prices vary regularly and are subject to market demand and change without notice. Please contact us for our latest prices.

    You may arrange with us to donate some, or all, of your payment to one of our charity partners. Details available on request.

    Once your items have been assessed and counted we will send you a statement. This will take into account any recycling charges, data deletion charges and any freight charges that may have been incurred (see point 4 for additional freight charges). These charges will be offset against the rebate amount. If these charges exceed the total rebate then we will send you an invoice for the difference. Please pay this invoice within 30 days of the invoice date.

  • 5. Data Security

    CollectureStandard Box Please ensure that you remove any important or personal data from your devices before putting them in the CollectureStandard Box. Company assumes no responsibility for any data loss from items placed in the CollectureStandard Box. The Collecture Safe Box must be used if you require secure data deletion.

    CollectureSafe Box Each CollectureSafe Box is delivered to you with a combination padlock and security seal. Our secure data deletion service is only guaranteed when the CollectureSafe Box is used correctly, please follow the instructions provided. Please note that the Company is not liable for any data loss if the CollectureSafe Box instructions have not been properly adhered to.

    Do not disclose the combination padlock code to any unauthorised third party.

    We charge £2.50 per device for secure data deletion using the Futuredial service.

  • 6. Important Points to Note

    We reserve the right to refuse to make a collection based on a supplier’s previous history of failing to meet our minimum collection quantities.

    We reserve the right refuse collection of extremely large quantities or collections from waste companies.

    We are unable to return any goods to you once processing has begun. If, prior to processing, you require any goods to be returned to you, you will need to arrange collection of the full consignment at your own cost.

    Any items deemed to be Hazardous Waste will be subject to disposal at cost.

    These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

    Our price lists and charges are valid for the Collecture programme only within the UK. We can supply information and prices for collections outside the UK on request.

  • 7. Questions?

    If you have any questions concerning our purchase terms and conditions, please contact us.

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