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We Collect and Inspect

When you are ready for us to collect your full Collecture Boxes, simply complete the Collection Request form.

Once your boxes arrive at our warehouse everything is carefully recorded, counted, weighed, checked and graded. We then sort each item by category and, if appropriate, check it against the relevant working or non-working criteria for that item. Printer cartridges are checked for damage and then cleaned for recycling.

Mobile phones, tablets and other small electronic devices are given a thorough operational check, which includes checking for water and cosmetic damage as well as testing all the key features of the device.

If you have chosen to use the collectureSafe Service then the data on each device will be securely removed. We offer a 100% data removal guarantee when using this service. We use industry standard technology to remove the data from your device, once removed the data cannot be recovered with any existing technology.